EKEN H9R Action Camera Full Review

Now I will introduce you to the Eken H9R model action camera. Many likewise say vlogging camera. Since, utilizing that camera, you can catch any sort of vlogging video. The camera upholds 4K 30FPS and Slow Motion video. Understandably, the Eken H9R is a very powerful camera. The camera is waterproof so you can take videos in the rain or underwater without any problem. The camera is accessible with various intriguing elements and energizing extras.

The camera is at present evaluated at Rs 3,600. In this post, you will look into the fascinating provisions and energizing frill, what the camera will resemble for yourself and who the camera is for.


It is a low-budget camera compared to other cameras in the market. But the question is, what will be the performance of such a low-budget camera? I additionally utilized the Eken H9R Action Cam myself. I will share my client experience with you. On the off chance that you take the camera close by, you will settle in and premium feel. Although it is little in size and light in weight, on the off chance that you grasp the camera for quite a while, there is no chance of hand torment. Although the body of the camera is made of plastic, the camera is quite solid. You can’t see or understand the camera with such a low budget.


What’s in the Box

Along with the camera box comes the camera waterproof box, a remote with which the camera can be controlled. Also, Eken H9R Action Camera comes with handlebars, hold mounts, frames, and many more accessories. In a word, you will get all that you need from a charger to an activity camera.


What are the Benefits?

The special feature of Eken H9R Action Cam is that it can record videos with 1080P (60fps), 1080P (30fps), 4K (30fps), 2.7K (30fps) and 720P (120fps).Having 120fps permits you to record Slow Motion video with the camera. The camera can likewise catch Time Lapse and 20-megapixel pictures. It has a showcase before it that is unfathomable in this spending plan. There is a 180-degree focal point on the back. The camera can cover your face very well when you snap a photo or video with the camera close by.


The Eken H9R Action Cam has Wifi so the camera can be connected to the phone to take full control, including taking pictures, making videos, and changing settings. With the remote that comes with the camera, you can easily take pictures or videos from a distance. The greatest benefit of this camera is its waterproof case. Utilizing the case, you can absorb the downpour or use it under 30 meters of water. I, at the end of the day, have utilized this case in water and have utilized it for quite a while, no issue has grabbed my attention.


What a Disadvantage?

The main aspect of a camera is its picture or video quality. Everything in this camera was good with so many accessories and so many features in this budget. However, according to the camera quality is not bad and not very good. It is silly to anticipate very great from this camera. However, it is not necessarily the case that it gives extremely terrible or exceptionally inferior quality recordings. Like proceeding in spending extents. The camera will be useful for individuals who need to begin new writing for a blog. Be that as it may, in case there is a dull region when making a video, it makes it considerably hazier.


Then again, when the lights are acceptable, a decent video will be made. The issue of getting dim is the point at which the light is low. Nonetheless, on the off chance that we talk about the spending plan, great quality recordings could be made. I didn’t see a lot of distinction between 1080P (60fps), 1080P (30fps), and 4K (30fps). In other words, it seems to me that there is a lack of video quality in 4K as it used to be. There was no difference between pictures and videos. Surprise and dynamic range were found in pictures and videos alike.


Let’s come to the microphone. Since the Eken H9R Action Cam does not have an external microphone attached, the audio will be recorded from the microphone attached to the camera. The microphone additionally has a few inadequacies. Furthermore, it would be better if the purchasers would appreciate utilizing the receiver. Presently it’s the turn of the battery, the camera has a 1050mAh battery as the battery. Truly I’m happy with its battery reinforcement. The organization asserts that you can get 50 minutes of reinforcement while playing video on 4K. however, I was getting around 40 minutes of reinforcement on a 4K video record.

But when the video was being played with 1080P (60fps) or 1080P (30fps), the battery backup was available for about an hour and a half. This is More Than Enough, but if you still think this battery will be less for you, then you can buy extra batteries.


Good Side EKEN H9R Action Camera

The first thing that comes to mind is the waterproof system. 2-inch display which is not expected in this budget camera. With the camera, you will get a lot of vital frills which will cost 1000-1200 rupees if you go independently. Getting a decent battery. You can make recordings in 4K, albeit the quality isn’t pretty much as great as it ought to be in 4K, however, this financial plan has given a ton of offices to make recordings in 4K. The camera can take pictures or recordings distantly from good ways. With Wifi, you can associate the camera to the versatile and begin taking pictures and setting and changing with the portable. From these points of view, the camera seemed quite good to me.


The bad side on EKEN H9R Action Camera 

Talking about the bad aspects, Video Resolution and Sound Quality did not feel good to me. If the camera had a microphone port, the sound quality could be improved.


Who is the Camera For?

If you have just started Vlogging or want to use the camera for them. Low-budget cameras can be used in the early stages of vlogging, but if the problems you have with this camera seem too troublesome or problematic, then you need to run towards more budget action cameras. You can utilize such a camera first and foremost. I have revealed to you every one of the components of the camera, the awful and the great. Presently you can get what is ideal for you. Yet, as a fledgling, you can utilize this camera without utilizing an extravagant camera.


The camera accompanies a lot of embellishments so you can become familiar with a ton as a fledgling by utilizing this camera. From which you can take numerous thoughts for what’s to come.

This was today’s Eken H9R Action camera full review. On the off chance that you like the post or then again assuming any of your companions need to purchase an Action camera, share this post with them. So he can settle on the ideal choice.

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