How To Browser Make Money?

Browser is one of the most important┬ánot things for web browsing on the Internet. At present, there are about 4.6 billion active internet users in the world as well as 4.32 billion active mobile internet users. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera are the most popular browsers among so many users. However, in terms of overall market share, Google is the best browser in the world with 74.46% market share, 73.18% mobile segment, and 8.53% computer segment market share. Apple’s Safari browser is the second largest overall market share at 16.69.


When it comes to browser history, the first thing that comes to mind is British scientist Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web. He created the first web browser of the same name in 1991. With which web pages could be edited as well as browsing. The web browser was later renamed Nexus from the World Wide Web to avoid confusion. However, no images could be seen while browsing in the browser. In 1993, Mark Andreessen created a browser called Mosaic in collaboration with the National Center for Super Computing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois. This is the first website in the world where text, as well as images, could be seen.


How To Browser Make Money

In 1994, Mark Andresen left Mosaic to form Netscape Communications. That same year, Netscape Navigator, a European browser based on Mosaic, was on the market. According to Visual Capital, the 1995 browser (Netscape Navigator) was able to capture 90.00% market share. Initially, the Netscape Navigator browser was offered for free to non-commercial users, but since March 6, 1995, only non-profit organizations and educational institutions have started charging the browser from all other users. Meanwhile, in 1994, Spyglass Inc. > Spyglass creates another browser called Mosaic through Mosaic’s source code. However, this browser is not made for users and is sold to different companies.


In 1995, Microsoft licensed the Spyglass Mosaic browser to build the Internet Explorer browser. The Internet Explorer browser was shared for free on all Windows, starting with Microsoft Windows 95. Internet Explorer was also shifted to their device’s default browser due to a deal with Apple. Internet Explorer has a 75% market share by 1999 due to the free release of all versions of Microsoft. Meanwhile, Netscape Navigator was made open source in 1997 as all the unique browsers were losing market share in front of Internet Explorer. In addition, after the deal between Microsoft and Apple ended in 2003, Apple launched the default browser Safari for their personal computers, which is currently used on the iPhone and iPad. When AOL> Netscape Navigator was purchased in 2004, Moz: // a was created in its open-source software. Mozilla Firefox was launched in November 2004. At that time Mozilla Firefox was able to capture 94% + market share from Internet Explorer.


Opera Browser Make Money

The Opera browser, released in 1997, was released in 2005. These browsers took place in the market in a very short time to provide Improved Security & Speed. In 2006, Google launched their own web browser, Google Chrome, with Isolated Tabs and the Fast Browsing feature. The browser is based on Google’s Chromium Open Source. The fun and exciting feature of the browser is that even if one of the tabs of the browser crashes, the rest of the tabs will work fine. By 2013, Google Chrome had overtaken Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to become the best web browser. That year, Google Chrome topped the list with a 34.7% market share, compared to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox’s 23.84% and 10.91%, respectively.


In 2015, Microsoft created the HTML Edge browser with its own HTTP: // source engine. In 2019, the HTML browser Microsoft Edge accelerated Microsoft Edge based on the open-source Microsoft Chromium and gradually began to replace Internet Explorer. In May 2021, Microsoft officially announced the discontinuation of Internet Explorer support. Google Chrome’s current global market share is 74.46%, according to Statcounter. On the other hand, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge have a global market share of 17.69%, 3.59%, and 3.39%.


Google Chrome Browser Make Money

Google Chrome also tops the list in terms of mobile browsers with an 83.18% market share. On the other hand, Safari and Samsung Internet browsers have a market share of 24.43% and 8.04%. Meanwhile, Google Chrome is slowly gaining popularity along with Microsoft Chromium based on the popularity of the open-source operating system. According to a report by IDC, Chrome OS surpassed MacOS among the devices sold in 2020. Among the devices sold that year, Google Order had a market share of 10.6%.


In the early days of the Internet, browsers had to be purchased just like any other application. But now all the browsers in the world are being used for free. But the question is, is it an application that can be used for free or How to make money from the browser? One of the main resources for browser revenue generation is “Royalty”. Basically, the browser default search engine is contracted with the company of the search engines, which pays the browser as “Royalty”. According to Investopedia, Mozilla Firefox was able to generate $ 451 million in revenue in 2016, with 95% coming from “Royalty”.


In addition, according to a report by Fortune in 2019, Google was paid $ 12 billion to make Google the default search engine. Even China’s Baidu and Russia’s Yandex browsers are paid “Royalty” for the default search engine. In addition to “Royalty”, another source to bring revenue to browsers is Advertising Revenue. For example, Brave Browser is a Basic Attention token renewal program. Under this program, Brave Browser shares 60% of the revenue it generates by viewing user ads and retains the remaining 30%.


Browser Information

Browsers collect and store a variety of information, including user information, browsing history, and location. In return, different companies pay for the browsers. With this information, search engines and ad platforms can show ads according to the preferences of the users. With this information, how do browsers earn revenue from search engines and ad platforms? Most modern browsers offer extra features through extensions. These extensions are primarily created by third-party developers and uploaded to browsers’ own marketplaces. Of these extensions that charge users, browsers charge a fee for charging extensions to users.


Browsers also generate revenue by bookmarking links to various companies’ websites on the home page. For example, Opera generates revenue from those companies by bookmarking the website links of several companies like and eBay on the home page of the Opera browser. Like Opera, Edge, Firefox, and all unique browsers make money from companies and services through licensing.


There is also an income tax on donations collected from Mozilla Firefox browser users. Although Mozilla Firefox’s original revenue is very small from the donation collection. But most of their revenue is from “Royalty”. There is no alternative to web browsing. But each browser collects information from its users and sells it to unique companies. However, currently, some browsers are focusing on security for their users and bringing many security-related features. There are currently some browsers that provide security for users’ information. However, these browsers have a much smaller number of users.


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