How to earn money by mobile in 2021

Money income with mobile or money income from the internet. Do you really want to work in this sector? One of the unique names we hear about is freelancing. So, whether you say freelancing, money income from the internet, or money income through mobile, you have 5 years to work in this sector to earn money. Because, after the next 5 years, you will have a lot of difficulty working in these sectors, you will not be able to earn money easily. Many people are currently working in these sectors and many have started anew. 5 years from now, their number will increase a lot.


Even those who have started working in these sectors now will become very skilled in this work after 5 years. So if you want to work in these sectors then the competition will be different. It doesn’t look like you will be able to take your place among so many people without skills after 5 years. Now the field is empty, you can take your position in any sector if you want. That’s why I said, you have 5 years to start working in these sectors. If you can be very efficient, give yourself a little time, make yourself better then you can easily make your life better.

Today I will examine with you, some phony data about making payments on portable, some right approaches to bring in cash through versatile and how to do it.

First of all let’s talk about some fake information or wrong ways to make income on mobile,
1. Money income by clicking, there are various links to earn money by clicking on them. 2. Money income by watching videos. 3. Earn money by playing games. Many people will say on Facebook in different ways, you will be able to earn money by sharing. All of these are fake. Although you can earn money you will work 6-7 hours. By working so hard behind these works, you will be able to earn 500-2000 rupees at the end of the month. I don’t think working 7-8 hours a day for this 500-2000 rupees. Even then, there is no guarantee of how long you will be able to do the work again. Can be closed at any time. All in all, there is no future. These are fake, don’t do these. Even after earning some money, that money cannot be withdrawn. I will not say much about this subject, many of you are well aware of this.

Secondly, there is another function which is “gambling”. This is direct gambling. Another is in-direct gambling.


Many of you know about direct gambling. Many betting websites offer bets. Depending on which cricket team wins, which football team wins or which player plays better. There are many such betting websites so that you can earn money by betting. But that is totally gambling.

Another is in-direct gambling. As everyone knows, in-direct gambling is income from playing games. For example, Ludo Start will bet with money. You don’t understand, they are investing money with you. Again there is a game called Teen Patti where you have to buy coins to play. This is also gambling. There are many games where you have to buy coins to play the game, these are all in-direct gambling. There are many types of human damage. In fact, there is not much income and even if there is income, but its number is very low.


How You Can Make Income with Mobile

You can earn money by taking pictures with mobile. In fact, you can’t make money by taking pictures, you can make money by taking pictures and selling them. is a popular website for earning money by selling pictures. You will visit the website, I will not say anything myself. If you visit the website, you will know more about me. Even then, let me give you an idea: is a very popular website in the world. Where designs like photographs or photographs can be sold. There are two types of groups, one group posts their pictures here. Another group bought them. Here if you can take very good pictures that other people want to buy. You will get a commission by selling those pictures and since a website is helping you to earn money, the website will deduct a commission from there.


But it is a very simple task. If you can take good pictures with your mobile, you can earn a good amount of money. Even if you know the work of graphics though it is not possible on mobile. If you can save a little money and buy a desktop and use it to do graphics work on this website, then you can earn a good amount of money. There are many more websites that sell graphic design work that I didn’t talk about because it is a post about earning money with mobile. Websites that can sell graphic design work if you want will be discussed later.


There is another website for such work, that is This site is also very good. This is also a very popular website. Not to mention Adobe. Almost all of you have heard the name Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator is a site. Where the picture said, the design said can be sold. The bottom line is that if you can take good pictures with a camera, you can also do a lot of small things with a deep sensor-micro sensor by zooming in. You can earn money by taking a picture that someone else will buy with your mobile. So you have to do a lot of research on these sites, what kind of pictures are being sold here. He started coming up with that kind of idea, after a while you will see that something good is happening. Experience while working.

Sound, then, at that point you will get a decent benefit. Not at first because the work should be proficient. On the off chance that it had occurred in the first place, everybody would have brought in a great deal of cash. You don’t need to begin, you will have some good times at work when you can get the truck or the objective.


There are numerous Bangladeshis who began chipping away at this kind of site 2-3 years prior and presently they have a great deal of pay. Many individuals’ pay resembles 7 digits, that is, over 10 lakh rupees. I’m not showing you huge dreams. I mean if you can buckle down like these for 2-3 years, you can produce huge cash like them. You need to do a ton of difficult work in these 2-3 years. There will be loads of beds. It’s an exceptionally straightforward errand, you need to take great pictures that individuals are keen on purchasing. Not from the beginning, it will take a short time on the off chance that you can give time, you can accomplish something great like these.


In any case, on the off chance that you can purchase PCs and accomplish configuration work, you can bring in great cash from them. The vast majority of individuals who have been fruitful in these areas have been effective in selling plans. So in case, it is feasible for you to purchase a PC just as sell pictures and accomplish crafted by designs, then, at that point, nobody can stop you.


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