Most 10 Mistakes That Destroy Your Life

Most 10 Mistakes That Destroy Your Life

We make all kinds of mistakes in our way of life. This does not mean that our lives will be ruined if we make a mistake. Yes, making mistakes may cause us temporary hardship in life, but life cannot be ruined.
Whatever you do, there must be some alternative way to fix it. Today we will talk about some mistakes that we should not make.

If that goes wrong, you may end up in temporary trouble or some obstacle in the way of life. So let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that can get in the way of your life or something that might get in the way of your life.


Drug addiction destroys life

Drugs are a terrible thing. Which will ruin your life. Bangladesh was an ad with the sentence “Nothing happens in one go”. In fact, a lot of things happen in one or two pulls, which we may not understand at first but later we will understand.

If a person takes drugs once and it becomes his addiction, then he cannot decide the goal of his life. He takes life slowly to the path of darkness and gets lost in the path of light. So don’t always say drugs and avoid drugs.


Comparison of life journey

Don’t make the mistake of comparing your own life with the life of others, as this can cause tar to fall on your standard of living. Remember the color of the tar but black, even if it sounds bad to hear or read, it is very good for your life.



There is a Bengali proverb “lazy brain is the devil’s lair”. When you spend your days lazily you suffer from different types of depression. And this is for those who can go into various types of criminal activities to free themselves from depression.


Constantly lying

There is a saying, “Falsehood is the mother of all sins.” You may be tempted to get away with something by lying. But later you have to lie again to cover up this lie. In this way, you have to cover up the old lies by saying one lie after another. But even then, the possibility of being caught lying remains. Which will leave you in a lot of trouble later.

So learn to admit any faults or mistakes. If you have to listen to the time for that fault or mistake, then accept it. You will see that your path will be easier later and what you have learned will not be wrong.



Don’t make friends with people who have a lot of time on their hands. Don’t befriend them, don’t spend too much time with those who have plenty of time, befriend those who give time to their work. Because they are busy with their dreams and their talents which is very good for you, therefore, don’t forget to befriend those who have plenty of time in their hands.


Be extra greedy all the time

There is a proverbial saying, “Extreme greed destroys heat.” If you have too much greed, you will not hesitate to harm anyone. This may give you temporary peace but because of this greed, you can fall into different kinds of problems at different times.

For example, in Bangladesh, there is a thing called a bribe which people take because of greed. And because of this bribe, people have to be fired from their jobs or different workplaces. So learning to lead an honest living from your place without being too greedy will help you live a very peaceful life.


Choosing the right life partner

We have a bad habit, we choose our life partner without thinking about anything and without thinking about anything well. This is not right at all, and in order to choose a life partner in this hurry, we have to face many problems in our lives, and later we have to face many difficulties.

So in order to keep oneself free from suffering and to live in social peace, one must choose one’s spouse with a lot of understanding before choosing a spouse.


Bachelor to Marriage Life

Never compare this current life with that bachelor’s life after entering marriage life from the bachelor. Bachelor life or life is like bachelor life and present life is like present life. If you come to the present life and think like a bachelor life, then the disease will spread among you. You have the present, the future, the amount of happiness in your life will increase or decrease depending on your present day.


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