Top 5 easy ways to get AdSense approval in 2021

Dear friends, almost every one of us who works online knows about Google Adsense, everyone is familiar with this Google Adsense. Many of us take payment from YouTube through Google AdSense, many of us take payment from websites through AdSense, many of us also take payment from there through application and AdSense approval. There was a time when it was very easy to get AdSense but now it is very difficult to get AdSense. Here are five tips for getting AdSense approval from people through this blog today. If you follow these five tips I can guarantee you will get AdSense approval InshaAllah. If you just open a Gmail and apply for AdSense and then do not follow any of the rules of AdSense, you will not get AdSense even if you try all your life. You can never get a taste of Adsense unless you follow their rules. So be sure to follow my own Google AdSense tips and you will get an AdSense account in a very short time Inshallah. So let’s not talk too much and go to the main topic.

1. 1 account in the name of a person.
The first of the five tips we’ve put together today is to create an account in a person’s name, which means if you’ve ever opened an AdSense account in your name before, don’t try a second time. You can no longer open an AdSense account in your name. If you open it, you will not get AdSense approval. Of course, you need to open an AdSense account in someone else’s name, maybe someone in the family or someone else or any mobile or PC. Of course, remember to open in the name of a man. If you want to re-open an AdSense account in your name, you must delete your previous AdSense account and re-open it. Even if you don’t, you will never get AdSense approval. This is very important for getting AdSense.

2. Apply from a new device.
Number two of our tips is very important. Many people do not get AdSense approval because they do not know it. The only problem with this is that you must apply for AdSense from a new device. You will apply for AdSense from a device that has never used AdSense before. If you do not have such a device, you will apply for AdSense from your device with someone else’s device in your family or a friend or someone else’s device. If you have applied for AdSense previously, don’t have any significant bearing for a gadget that is as yet in your brain. If you don’t give the upgraded one, the past one is bound to be an issue.

3. Keep all Gmail and AdSense information the same.
The point I made at number three is to keep all your Gmail and AdSense information the same. In other words, you will open Adsense with the name you opened Gmail. If there is any difference in your name, you can change the name of Gmail to the new name you want to change the date of birth. Here is an important point. If possible, you are in hell. In that case, you will get AdSense very easily.

4. Gmail is logged out of all other devices.
This issue is very important, of course, you will follow it, and then you will not get Adsense. The Gmail you are going to open an AdSense account on must be logged out of all your other devices. In other words, the Gmail AdSense account that you will open assuming the Gmail is signed on your other telephone PC or PC, you should log out from that point before AdSense. Before applying for it. If you don’t do this, Google won’t give you AdSense endorsement, yet remember that you will have as of now got an AdSense account from a current AdSense account. So before applying for AdSense, make certain to check if this Gmail is signed in to some other gadget, and provided that this is true, log out of your Gmail from those gadgets.

5. Post regularly or upload videos.
The last tip you need to know about Google for AdSense is monetization for your YouTube channel or AdSense, whatever you say, if you have organized for AdSense, you must upload a continuous video. If you sit down after applying to see if you get monetized, you will never get monetized. If so, your monetization may be much later than AdSense or more likely not to. In that case, you must upload a continuous video. If this is the case then you have applied for AdSense approval on any website then you must continue to work on that website and in the meantime, you will apply for AdSense after all the rules are completed. But you still have to continue working on that website until you get AdSense. Otherwise, it will be too late to get your AdSense and there is a possibility of not getting it. So whether it is YouTube or a website, work regularly

Apply for AdSense by posting. This is usually to inform you, then you will get AdSense approval, Inshallah. If you like the post, be sure to share it with your friends. And support us.


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